Stunning Parade and Heart Stopping Rose Bowl Game

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Tournament of Roses Rose Bowl







Yesterday was a gala day for Pasadena, California. Shattering an all-time Rose Bowl scoring record – 101 points between USC and Penn State – plus a stunningly creative Tournament of Roses Parade made for a most memorable 2017 New Year’s celebration.

Ranking as an absolutely remarkable football triumph, the USC Trojans prevailed 52-49 with a 46 yard field goal as time ran out on the shell-shocked Penn State Nittany Lions.

As recently retired sportscaster supreme, Dick Enberg, who has both emceed the Parade and called the game, once noted that the combination of these events in Pasadena provides “one of the finest days this country has to offer.” Certainly this was true on January 2, 2017.

A word on the stadium itself: built among the San Gabriel Mountains in the gorgeous, verdant Arroyo Seco, the structure is very reminiscent of the Yale Bowl. We highly recommend seeing games at both complexes, but the Rose Bowl is in a class of its own. It has hosted Super Bowls, World Cup finals, soccer tournaments, Olympic events, all manner of sporting contest.

1984 Rose Bowl 104th Tournament of Roses

For housebound easterners waking up on New Year’s Day to cold weather and snow, there is nothing quite like watching the Rose Parade. Originating in January of 1890 with horse drawn, flower laden buggies, a variety of races (which eventually included chariot races), tugs of war and other horse play, this tradition ultimately exploded when it was first televised in 1942 on a local television station. In 1950, the game was the first Bowl to attract 100,000 spectators; by 1963 it became the first college football contest televised nationally in color. The later event established it as a New Year’s Day fixture.

The parade is now witnessed in person by some 700,000 to 1 million spectators, while worldwide television audiences can reach 70 million. The game also draws millions of television viewers.

Rose Bowl Stadium

The Tournament of Roses Parade 5 ½ mile route is always the same – Colorado Blvd, Orange Grove Blvd, Green Street, and Sierra Madre Blvd are all very familiar. For the last few years there have been around 40 floats, 20 marching bands, a similar number of equestrian units and approximately 400 horses.

We strongly recommend that if you cannot attend either the game or the parade, please go to the Victory Park area of Pasadena where many of the floats are displayed for several days. Television cannot capture the enormity, detailed complexity, nor the sheer beauty of these unique creations. Truly, this will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

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