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Although it is about an hour’s driving distance from Lewisville, TX to Waxahachie, TX, Martin Oaks is proud to serve Waxahachie and its surrounding communities.

For a relatively small city, Waxahachie has an incredible number of historic buildings and interesting monuments. Pictured above and below, the Ellis County Court House, with its spires and intricate mason work, is considered to be one of the most beautiful of all 225 Texas court houses.  This court house is the fourth one to stand on this location: the first was a log cabin in the 1850’s (a grand total of $59 dollars to build), the current structure was dedicated on July 4th, 1895 (total cost of this building estimated to be $175 thousand dollars, which was a lot of money at the time).

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The Richardsonian Romanesque architectural style, with a mix of other features, makes it a truly unique building. Recent interior renovation was designed to appear much as it did in 1897. On the third floor, there is a spiral staircase that leads to both the attic and the clock tower. The classic E. Howard & Company clock still chimes on the hour. unnamed (2)

Because of the picturesque nature of the buildings and the surrounding countryside, Waxahachie has figured prominently in Hollywood films and television. Movies such as Bonnie and Clyde and Tender Mercies, and television shows such as Walker, Texas Ranger have availed themselves of these spectacular settings.

The movie which almost features Waxahachie as a character, Places in the Heart, was written and directed by native son, Robert Benton. Benton, a multi-Academy Award winning talent, has helmed such movies as Kramer vs. Kramer, The Human Stain, etc. He has a habit of incorporating names associated with the Waxahachie area in his other work. For example, in the movie, Still of the Night, one of the lead characters last name is Bynum– Bynum, Texas is about a half hour drive from Waxahachie.

In closing, Martin Oaks is pleased to serve the Waxahachie area. Funeral directors who use Martin Oaks provide affordable cremations, funeral services, and burials for the citizens of this uncommonly interesting community.

Photos taken by Martin Oaks manager, Victor Thompson.

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