Why More People Elect To Use Cremation

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If you or your loved one are looking to have a traditional funeral service, you have to think about spending around $7,000 to $10,000. This amount will include the funeral, burial at the cemetery, and the tombstone. While traditional burial is still the most utilized option, cremation is becoming increasingly popular. People like this cost-effective choice that allows them to save money and still pay the proper respects to loved ones.

Why more people elect to use cremation

Time and People Change

Though difficult to grasp, death is one thing that everyone must face. In 2016, the National Funeral Directors Association Burial report stated that by the end of 2020, they expect the rate of cremation to be more than 55 percent. Using this report, it is easy to see the cremation is becoming more commonplace. Remember, there are patterns and changes that occur in the funeral industry, just like in other parts of life. Remember when people used to sit the dead in the home for three days for viewing? Some believe the society is becoming more transient and less religious. People are making new traditions.

Cremation Opens Creative Doors

Some experts speculate that people move around a bit more than they used to. With work and school demands, many don’t associate with a hometown like those of yesteryear. Cemeteries are expensive, and they tie a person to a city for life. Many grieving families want to personalize their services too. For instance, after cremation, some want to be buried at sea. Some want to be sprinkled on a favorite garden or property. The options are limitless with cremation. This break from tradition is being embraced by millions of people.

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It’s All A Numbers Game!

The main drive behind cremation services is the cost-effective nature. With direct cremation starting as low as $695, is it any wonder that people want to go this route? An entire service with cremation package with the service can be around $1,700. It’s a reasonable option, especially if the family is on a budget or their they have no insurance. Most don’t have the money to pay for a large, elaborate funeral. They prefer a simple cremation and memorial service. Just like everything else, burial services have evolved too. Low-cost cremation options are becoming the new way to keep your loved one close by.

Pre-Funeral Arrangements Made Simple

Planning a funeral can be a complex ordeal. The family often doesn’t feel like all the time and effort that goes into a celebration of life. They are sad, hurt, angry, and all the other emotions that come naturally with death. Pre funeral arrangements used to be a complex ordeal and the last thing they want to do during a time of grief. A person can easily plan and pay for their services with affordable cremation. There’s no casket to pick out ,unless of course, they want to rent one for a service. There’s no vault or other funeral home services needed either. The family doesn’t have to worry when that time comes. They will know the wishes of the person and are able to carry them forward. Just like a traditional service, being cremated gives you options too. Those who want to utilize burial and cremation can do that too.

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As a cremation company, Martin Oaks Cemetery And Crematory works with funeral directors provide the best accommodations for a crematorium service that you can afford. We have a large selection of urns that can be perfect for the remain of a loved one. Whether you want to plan your own funeral, or you are looking at the future for a family member, low cost cremation is a good option. We offer Flower Mound funeral home services, Lewisville, Dallas, Plano, Hurst, and many more throughout north Texas, as well as the option to have the ashes stored in a decorative container. Death is such a hard topic to discuss, but it is better to be prepared and ensure that everything is taken care of when the time comes.

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