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Today we officially launched a much requested service here at Martin Oaks Cemetery & Crematory. If you click on our Urns, Pendants, & Headstones page, you will find that we are now offering cremation jewelry in the form of glass work, pendants, and rings. We are doing this because of a multitude of requests: it is a tasteful way of memorializing your loved one’s cremains.

Cremation Jewelry

Actually, the practice of some form of cremation jewelry dates back to the beginning of the history of man. It wasn’t anything like cremation jewelry today – hair, nails, teeth, and even blood were keepsakes that were stored behind glass or in various containers which eventually lead to intricately woven hair designs. The so-called “hair art” practice involved creating earrings, wreaths, bracelets, and other accessories that could be carried on your person. Some of these designs were incredibly intricate and required elaborate weaving. This work was seen as a token of love and commemoration.

Once cremation started to become popular, a whole industry of jewelry to house the ashes developed. “Cremation Ash Memorial Art,” as it is frequently referred to these days, has evolved into some quite beautiful pieces.

We invite you to view our Urns, Pendants & Headstones page to see all that we offer. Please feel free to contact us at (469)605-7215, if you have an interest in this art.

In the course of researching material on cremation jewelry, we came across another practice that was popular in the late 19th century and is still in practice today – post-mortem photography. Also known as mourning portraits, these photographs of loved ones gathered around the deceased in an open casket became quite a popular practice.

In fact, I have a personal experience with this: my grandfather had a photograph of his family gathered around my grandmother’s casket prominently featured in his den. This photograph probably dated back to the 1920’s. It is the only one I have seen personally, but at one time it was not uncommon.

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  1. Peter Maxwell says:

    I really find it nice that there are beautiful works of art in the form of glass cremation jewelry. I got one for my Mom’s ashes from which was in the form a beautiful pendant that I wear and keep on me every time. It just makes me feel she’s with me always and looking out for me just like when she was living.

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