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Posted on November 17, 2016 by Martin Oaks under Community, Memorial
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Thank you for the tremendous response to our previous post on Leon Russell and Leonard Cohen.

Again, we here at Martin Oaks Crematory & Cemetery are all about appropriately memorializing those who have passed. Our funeral directors offer very affordable, but quite meaningful celebrations of the life of a lost loved one. Affordable does not mean anything less than what each family deserves.

Toward that end, we also celebrate the lives of those who have touched us, even if they have not come to Martin Oaks. Leon Russell, who passed away on November 13th, is one such life which should be greatly remembered. This post will reflect some comments we have received from our readers.

The over whelming response which we received focused on the artists who have covered Russell’s work. “A Song for You” has been recorded by many artists: below, find two versions, which are radically different in style, but which our readers liked. First artist is Donny Hathaway, the second Michael Buble/Chris Botti.

Jazz lovers will never forget George Benson’s mega-hit of Leon Russell’s “This Masquerade.”

Our final song seems to be a most appropriate summation of Leon Russell’s career. Here are Leon Russell and Elton John preforming “The Hands of Angels” from their album, The Union.

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