Martin Oaks Cemetery and Some Paranormal Thoughts

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cremation and cemetery

Martin Oaks Cemetery has been a fixture in Lewisville, Texas since the mid 1800’s. Starting off as a family plot on the Martin Cattle Ranch, graves date back to 1874.

Just to put this in perspective, in the 1870’s there were only around 13,000 people in all of Dallas County. Within 20 miles of Martin Oaks Cemetery, cattle drives took place. The first area cotton gin was erected in Denton, Texas. In 1875, the Dallas and Wichita Railroad had reached its most northern point just one mile south of Martin Oaks Cemetery.

Through the years, Martin Oaks Cemetery has changed hands several times. A nearby church acquired the property, and finally, in the mid 1980’s, a Lewisville family took over management. Current ownership has been here for about 7 years.

Even though over 100 years have passed, Martin Oaks retains some of the most genuine Texas historical flare in the area. In the last few years, two movie productions and a television program have sought to do filming on our grounds. We passed on these opportunities out of respect for those who are interred here. Rustic, natural beauty abounds – please feel free to come and visit our cemetery anytime.


Martin Oaks Cemetery still has plots available: they are among the most affordable in Lewisville, Texas.

Call us directly at (469)605-7215 for questions, or

Bo Roberts at (817)228-5310 for pricing.

cemetery and crematory plots available

Aside from pricing inquiries, the most common question we here at Martin Oaks field is: have there ever been any paranormal events in the cemetery? While we tend to agree with lyricist, Alan J. Lerner, when he wrote, “There is more to us than surgeons can remove,” in the song “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever,” we are a little dubious when it comes to ectoplasmic events. Not true for everybody: we have been approached at Martin Oaks on a number of occasions to allow paranormal searches. Again, out of respect, we have declined.

We have a very close friend who is involved with several ghost hunting societies. She assures us that our skepticism is unfounded, and will willingly recount baffling true events which have no rational explanation.

Recently, we asked her to name a few cemeteries that are among the most haunted she has visited: St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans, Louisiana tops them all according to her. Dating back to 1789, it’s close by both the Mississippi River and the French Quarter. The cemetery is basically just one block, but it is jammed full of graves (more than 100,000 people). In 2015, it was closed to the general public because of vandalism issues. Tour companies, however, can still host paid events. The cemetery is included in the National Register of Historic Places.

local cemetery in Lewisville TX

The second cemetery our friend mentioned is in Stull, Kansas — an unincorporated community in the Northeastern section of the state. Constructed in 1867, it was part of a church grounds. Subject of numerous films, and even songs, the Stull Cemetery attracts many visitors, but local law enforcement has discouraged visits.

Last cemetery on her list is the Howard Street Burial Grounds located in Salem, Massachusetts. Hard by the old Salem jail in the downtown area, this cemetery is attached to one of the most infamous series of trials in the history of the United States. The trails ran from February of 1692 to May of 1693, well before the cemetery was open, but the association is still existent. 1953 was the year the last interment took place in the Howard Streets Burial Grounds. Perhaps the most famous deceased there is a marine painter by the name of George Ropes, Jr.

At any rate, please come visit us here in at Martin Oaks Cemetery in Lewisville, Texas. We will be happy to help you make plans if you choose this to be your final resting place. Gravestones are also available on our website.

We cannot guarantee any paranormal activity, but we can guarantee you a peaceful experience.



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