How Cremation Has Become Widely Accepted

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Today, nearly half of all mourning families choose cremation for their loved ones. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, this will rise to nearly 70% by 2030. Cremation rates have risen steadily since the 1960s. But why exactly is cremation becoming so popular?

how cremation has become widely accepted

The Process

In a crematorium, a loved one’s remains are placed in a chamber which burns for several hours at 1400-1800 degrees. Once the remains have been reduced to skeletal fragments, they are pulverized into a fine, ash-like dust. These ashes are then placed in an urn and presented to the family.

The Cost

There are some important differences between traditional burial and cremation. The biggest consideration for many people is its affordability. Cremation costs can be as low as a third of the cost of a traditional burial. Many families simply cannot afford all the expenses of traditional burial, which can cost thousands of dollars. Cheap cremation helps relieve some of the financial stress from already grieving families and provides them with an option to affordable and respectfully deal with the passing of a loved one.

cutting costs

Families can work with the funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks to plan affordable services. All of the funeral directors who work with Martin Oaks offer a direct cremation package. Direct cremation eliminates most funeral home expenses, such as visitation, memorial, and viewing services. You can always hold a service at your home or place of worship at a later date.

The Environmental Benefit

Affordable cremation services offered at Martin Oaks also offer environmental benefits. Fresh burial grounds are increasingly scarce. Every year, millions of feet of wood are harvested for the sole purpose of constructing caskets for traditional burials. A crematory helps to solve both of these problems by eliminating the need for a casket and burial plot. Crematories also eliminate the use of toxic embalming fluids, which are linked to cancers and birth defects.

martin oaks cemetery and crematory

In traditional burials, these poisonous fluids commonly leak out into the soil as the casket decomposes. While low cost cremation is not 100% green, it is certainly more environmentally friendly than traditional burial. Maybe this is why more people are making pre funeral arrangements to be cremated.

The Scheduling Flexibility

Another advantage of opting for cremation is the flexibility it provides to on-the-move families. Historically, deceased loved ones would be buried in the same communities in which their families would spend their entire lives. Today, it is expensive and sometimes impossible for everyone in the family to gather in one place for a burial. Cremation provides much more flexibility for families planning services because it allows them to accommodate everyone’s schedules.

The Options

Ashes are easily stored, displayed or scattered outside in places of sentimental value. In recent years, a number of businesses have emerged that offer creative options for transforming cremated remains. From tattoo ink to synthetic diamonds, ashes can be transformed into just about anything you can imagine.

Crafted Urns

Options such as these are perfect for people who wish to hold onto a piece of their loved ones in some way. There are also services based on the scattering of cremated ashes, such as launching them into space or dropping them from an airplane. These kinds of services offer new ways for families to personalize the sendoff of their loved ones.

The differences between cremation and traditional burial services are only becoming more attractive as cremation continues to meet the environmental, financial, and scheduling needs of our society. For more information about cremation services through the funeral directors who use Martin Oaks, please give us a call at (469)605-7215, 24/7.

3 thoughts on “How Cremation Has Become Widely Accepted

  1. Gina Henrie says:

    I recently had my grandparents pass away and I’ve been put in charge of their funeral arrangments and they wanted to get cremation done. I like how you said that it’s affordable and it’s flexible with your schedule. I’ll have to look more into this, thanks for sharing!

  2. Ivy Heaton says:

    My brother unexpectedly passed away a while ago, and my family and I decided to opt for cremation for its cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits. The cremation was done in Denver, and we chose a beautiful black urn for his ashes. We are now planning to scatter them in a nearby forest, which my brother was always very fond of.

  3. Heaven's Own says:

    Nice Blog!! The content you have shared is very elaborative and informative. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great piece of knowledge with us.

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