Eagle Scout Project: Martin Oaks Cemetery

Posted on February 29, 2016 by Martin Oaks under Community
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Community Service at Martin Oaks Cemetery

Martin Oaks is a tucked away, vintage neighborhood cemetery that is located in one of the older areas of Lewisville Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas Texas.  Many people do not know it, but Martin Oaks is a historical cemetery that has been around since before the Civil War.  I believe that taking a walk through Martin Oaks is like taking a brief walk through history.

Currently, I work as a part-time employee of Martin Oaks as I finish my degree in Finance at Brigham Young University.

I actually became first acquainted with Martin Oaks when, as a 17-year-old boy, I came to the cemetery with the aspirations of building a community service project: this project would be the final requirement for me to earn my Eagle Scout award.

After meeting with the owners, I undertook the project of doing a major refurbishing of the cemetery. I spent two months planning out the project: my goal was to rebalance grave markers, remove unnecessary dirt-piles, redo the landscaping and just generally clean up the almost four acres of Martin Oaks.  I also had to put together a team of 80 volunteers to help on this complex task.

On April 7, 2012, we began the actual work.  It took some time, but when we were finished, the difference was startling. Our efforts attracted the attention of some local media outlets.  Along with the other members of our team, I felt like we had achieved our goal: community service offers a satisfaction that is truly rewarding.

As I worked through this project, I learned a lot about all the services Martin Oaks provides: burial, cremation, and through the funeral directors who work withMartin Oaks, funeral services of all kinds.

Learning to serve your community is something that can not only make your community more beautiful, but it can increase the love shared by your neighbors and society as a whole.

It helps build a synergistic relationship shared by all.

I would love to hear what community service you have been part of — please share your experiences (and positive outcomes) with us!

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