Cremation Is Gaining Popularity, Here Are A Few Reasons Why

Posted on January 2, 2016 by Martin Oaks under Cremation
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Cremation Infographic

Planning a Cremation

Cremation is gaining popularity in the US, is it right for you?

When is the right time to start planning?

Planning a cremation can begin before or when a death occurs.

Who can I plan a cremation for?

You can plan a cremation for yourself or for anyone to whom you are the next of kin.

Martin Oaks makes it easy. Call or email, day or night. Martin Oaks is open 24/7.

Why might cremation be the right way to honor your loved one?

Memorial services can be held at home, at the hall adjacent to our facility, in a church, or anywhere that feels connected to the deceased.

Over one-third of the American population chooses cremation.

36% of the American population chooses cremation.

Cremation costs start at only one-third of traditional funeral costs.

Planning a cremation or burial for yourself or a loved one can be simple. For answers to your questions and to start planning, reach out to us at:

(469) 605-7215

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