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Aria Ascending

Cremation dates back to the Stone Age, as do cremation urns. The urn, of course, being the decorative vessel which contains the cremains.

Granted, the Stone Age pottery, which served as urns, is very primitive: today, our selection is more varied and custom oriented than it has ever been. The urn pictured above is called Aria Ascending, a beautiful brassy-blue vase with tasteful engravings.

In a typical cremation, the cremains are returned in what is called a temporary urn, pictured below. The name of the deceased, as well as our Martin Oaks internal code number, appear on the exterior of the receptacle. Inside with the cremains is a metal tag which bears the matching code number, so if the box and the cremains become separated, we can always identify the deceased’s ashes. Photo of the tag is also below.

custom tag temporary urn







Once the temporary urn is returned to the deceased’s family, it is up to their discretion to determine the most appropriate manner to store the cremains.

As I indicated before, the options for urns are only limited by your imagination. You can check our urn to see the variety of possibilities.

Pictured below are two popular selections. On the left, is a Burlwood memory box, which is opened with a key. This handsome item fits well in any setting. On the right, is a keepsake version of the blue fire urn – that is a smaller rendition of what can be ordered in a larger size. Some families prefer keepsake sizes if the cremains are to be divided among a number of people.

Memory Box blue fire








We also have the option of creating an urn you may desire. Either send us a photo, or even a description, and we will be happy to put something together for you. Our prices are affordable and the quality of our final product comes from the most reliable urn manufactures in the United States.

custom design Urn

One last note: It is important to remember that urns preform different functions. That is, families may want to bury them, display them in a prominent place or pair them with photos that have special meaning. These features can also be arranged by contacting us directly at (469) 605-7215, 24/7.

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  1. Peter Maxwell says:

    Beautiful cremation urns right there. I got one from recently after losing my Dad. I just really think that a good cremation urn is what our dearly departed deserves and through this we can really remember them and give our respects to them.

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